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Used Auto Parts

by Wendy Lloyd


Junk Yards

Gone are the days of used auto parts residing in "junk yards". Today, your quality used auto and truck parts are dismantled in automotive recycling facilities. The best yards sell warranted parts, ship globally, have access to computerized parts inventory systems, store all hard parts in warehouses to prevent rusting, rack body panels individually to prevent damage, clean and test parts for quality control, and recycle oil, freon, gas, anti-freeze and other hazardous fluids.

The Original Recycler

The used automotive industry is the original recycler. And while the masses have collectively coordinated efforts to recycle glass, plastic, paper and aluminum cans, the dismantler is recycling entire cars: glass, plastic, steel, hazardous material, electronic parts, seats and hard to get parts.


Quality Control

Today, quality is the biggest goal for the industry. After many years of bad publicity, the automotive recycling industry is aggresively pursuing quality control.


What Do You

Have To Lose?


Money - If You Buy New

Consumers save at least 50 % off the price of new parts when they buy used.


 The Environment

We know that one customers purchase will not save the environment. But consider this: where will landfills be if autos and trucks are not reused? Dismantlers recycle over 8 million cars a year,which equates to 2 million tons of cast iron, 7 million tons of steel and 500,000 tons of aluminum. But there is more. This industry's primary business is to sell used parts; thus saving the energy and resources necessary to make new parts or to melt the metal for re-use.


Old Perceptions

In years past, the used part you bought may have been on its last legs, marked down and available for 10-year-old cars. Not anymore. For example, top of the line, late model vehicles damaged in the rear have terrific, like- new hard parts and sheet metal available. And that is what you can expect when you contact Bodyline Auto Recyclers.

What Do You

Have To Gain?


 Lower Insurance Premiums

Insurance companies charge everyone higher premiums when they replace parts with new. Fortunately, the growing trend is to recommend LKQ (like kind quality) parts. When you buy used, you contribute to our effort to reduce higher insurance premiums.


A Healthy Envirorment For Todays Children

It's obvious that our landfills will rapidly increase if we continue to buy new parts and neglect the pre-tested, like new parts available at recycling centers.


A Replacement Part That Makes You Feel Good

When you purchase quality used parts, you contribute to the environmental cause, help reduce insurance premiums and save money.

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